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  • Meet Team Perry

    The inspiration for our
    "Pain Is Temprorary" tee.


Every time you purchase b Positive apparel, you help support a worthy cause through our Positive Projects.


Positive Projects

Pay it forward, random acts of kindness, inviting good karma. Whatever you call it, we’re all familiar with the notion of doing something good to help someone else -- not because you have to or are looking for something in return, just because.

That's why we have the Positive Projects – they’re our way of helping to make life a little more positive for people who really need it. Whether we’re donating onesies to infants born into poverty, or funding support services for breast cancer survivors, or showing up in downtown Boston with free coffee (and a smile) for morning commuters – we believe the world works better and feels better when we give each other a leg up, a push forward and a pat on the back.

And that positive feeling we get from doing something good for someone else? Never. Gets. Old.

Check out some of our past Positive Project efforts and find out how your purchase could be helping.

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